Dunn Brothers Machinery develop, enhance and sell container tilters to the metal recycling and other industries that transport bulk materials. Made in the UK, from heavier beams and construction profiles than competing machinery, our container tilter is the most robust and well engineered machine available on the market.

As the volumes of material for export have increased over the years, the need to develop faster and more efficient methods for loading containers also grew. In response, David Dunn developed the Drive Through Container Tilter and, as a result of increased productivity, the company won the Queen's Award for Enterprise, International Trade in 2005 and 2007. 

Our Experience

Just a few of our many achievements over the years


1962: Dunn Brothers Established

Dunn Bros. (Metals Ltd) Founded in 1963 by Alan & Harry Dunn. Located in Hockley, Birmingham with a starting capital of £400. Began processing scrap for local foundries.

1970's: Rapid Business Growth

During the 1970's Dunn Bros Increased capacity to supplying 20,000 tonnes per annum to steel and iron works.

1972 - Two brothers joined the family firm; Alfred and Collin Dunn and the facility moved to Park Rd, Aston.

1973 - Moved again, but remaining in the Midlands, due to business growth, to Soho, Pool Wharf, Birmingham.

1974 - Partnered with British Rail to increase their scrap removal and loading to 40 wagons of scrap removal at a time.


2000 - Today: Container Loading Innovations

In 2002 Dunn Bros Developed their first container loading system to increase productivity of the metal recycling business. At this time the Dunn brothers had become one of the leading metal recycling companies in the UK and largest exporter by container of scrap metal.

2005 & 2007 – Won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and International Trade.

2011 – Recycling and scrap metal business is sold to Sims Metal, enabling the Dunn family to focus on growing their portfolio of industrial companies.

Today the Dunn brothers direct ten leading industry related organisations, inventing machinery to help businesses with their material handling, exportation and container, loading systems.

Dunn Brothers

So, who are the Dunn Brothers?


Karl Dunn


Karl has been working in the scrap metal and recycling industry for over 30 years. He was successful in the day to day running of Dunn Bros 1995 Ltd which employed over 100 staff. Karl is key to the smooth running of the commercial side of the business and also overseeing business development.

Karl is a keen follower of sport, his passion being football. He enjoys keeping fit, cycling and also relaxing with his family.

To speak directly with Karl, call 07742514938 


David Dunn

Managing Director

Also having over 30 years' experience in the industry David works closely with customers, designing bespoke machinery to suit their specific needs from a technical and engineering standpoint. David is a proactive thinker with the engineering knowhow to back it up.

David is also a great motorcycle enthusiast, competing in veteran motocross events across the country. He also enjoys relaxing with his family.

To speak directly with David, call 07714520826