Due to our current customer base, a total rebrand was needed for us and it had to be approached with care, so we chose a small, local agency that would dedicate the time to listen and help us. The first step within the re-branding process for the designers at Quattro was to focus attention on what Dunn Brothers’ main focus is and to ensure that the brand's new Look and feel instantly reflects this. 

The Next Generation Container Loading Systems

Dunn Brothers focus is on next generation container loading systems that streamline the exporting process, therefore their website was required to demonstrate this methodology in a straightforward, clear way while also appealing to the target audience in the appropriate industries such as scrap merchants, manufacturers, recycling and demolition. Time had to be spent researching the current customer base and the target audience to create branding that would appeal to them. We also looked into the brands that the target audience engages with, to find what would work best for Dunn Brothers Machinery.

A Brand is More than Just a Logo

A brand is not just about visual features; the colours, logo and fonts, an important element to include is the company’s values and behaviours. We’re all familiar with some of the global brands that we are exposed to daily and they’re all competing for our attention. Most of us recognise these brands by sight but we also place associations to them such as:

  • A tech company is young and innovative
  • A pharmaceutical company is clean and secure
  • A music company is dynamic, energised and alive 

What these associations mean is a well-managed brand that creates value, it becomes an asset that in turn contributes to the organisation’s bottom line. A good example of this is ‘Apple’ currently top of the list of the world’s most valuable brands, worth an impressive 1 Trillion Dollars according to ‘Investopedia’, Aug 2018

The branding process led to a clear, bold logo type with use of a simple icon that demonstrates the tilting and movement of a shipping container that Dunn Brothers machinery is expertly engineered to do. People enjoy familiarity, it’s comforting but also builds brand loyalty and support and this is what we’d like for the Dunn Brothers.


Dunn Brothers Machinery Website

Once the rebrand was created a new website design and build took place. Quattro kept to our brief of constructing a simple but creative site that is easy to use and that would appeal to our current, historical and future client base. Powerful, industrial colours of charcoal and yellow have been used throughout the brand that is a good fit within the marketplace. The result, I hope you agree, is a concise, well-engineered look and feel that fits entirely with the company’s ethos and is consistent throughout their new website.

Website pic

Working with our chosen brand agency Quattro, creating our new visual identity was an exciting new experience for the Dunn Brothers. It did demand time at the start for us to explain our products and what we do, to describe our target audience and our offerings. Our new brand identity and website we consider to be a success and we are proud to share it with the world on our launch day, 24 Sept 2018.

We understand that it’s also important to keep our brand fresh and relevant, it needs to evolve as we move forward. We know the value in our new brand and website, we know they work and we know our awareness is growing but more importantly, we need them to work for our customers too on their paths to success.



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Steve Bird
One Stop Recycling Ltd

We were in the middle of restructuring the layout of our yard and it was important we keep the continuity of supply maintained to our customers. Working with DBM allowed us to keep to the tight deadline we were committed to with great success. The ease and simplicity to install the plant and equipment up is a short space of time ensured that we were up and running loading containers much quicker than we had anticipated.  A great working partnership.