When we worked in the scrap metal and recycling industries we really needed a piece of machinery that could actually move to and from our multiple sites, was set up in a day, simple and safe to use, robust enough to lift and invert a 20ft container, accurately weigh up to x14 containers a day for onward transport them to their destination/ exportation point. When our customers also started requesting this type of apparatus, we decided to invent it and called it ‘The Scorpion'

Whether you are a business with multiple sites or have the ambition to expand your company offering to include exportation, this flexible, bespoke mobile tilter is the solution which surpasses traditional loaders. You no longer move your scrap, you move your machine; saving time, money, operators and yard space.

How the Scorpion Works: 

  • Equipment is delivered to your site
  • Set up and running in 1 hr
  • Hydraulic powered legs
  • Simple, secure lifting device
  • Automated loads and unloads itself on/off transport
  • Accurately weighs the material in the container
  • Loads up to x15 shipping containers per day
  • Minimum yard space needed (only 13m x 6m hardstanding)
  • Equipment removed from site within 1 hr

How Does the Scorpion Differ from Traditional Tilters? No foundations and extremely robust self set-up

This ground-breaking equipment has been designed for today’s businesses dealing in scrap, recycling, demolition, food, agriculture and bulk industries. It is a fast, flexible, safe and cost-effective technique for off-loading containers. The Scorpion’s unique automation allows it to invert to a vertical position ensuring ease of loading. Then reverting the container to the horizontal positioning and returning it to the transportation vehicle in 15mins.

(See pics)

Example of The Scorpion in Action

We were asked to help ‘One Stop Recycling Ltd’ with the continuous container loading of their recycling materials using our Scorpion model. ‘One Stop Recycling Ltd’ owner Steve Bird, based in Birmingham, needed to restructure part of his yard but it was crucial for him to maintain his delivery schedule and customer service during this process. Our innovative equipment enabled him to continue his delivery schedule while reorganising the yard (one of the busiest yards I’ve visited). In one day, we arrived, loaded x14 containers and x14 trucks left the site to their destination without interrupting Steve’s operations.

(see video)

We have 30 years’ experience in the scrap metal and recycling industry and have worked closely with our customers creating custom-built machinery solving their specific challenges. If you need advice or information on material loading and removal or any of our machinery specifications, click here…


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Steve Bird
One Stop Recycling Ltd

We were in the middle of restructuring the layout of our yard and it was important we keep the continuity of supply maintained to our customers. Working with DBM allowed us to keep to the tight deadline we were committed to with great success. The ease and simplicity to install the plant and equipment up is a short space of time ensured that we were up and running loading containers much quicker than we had anticipated.  A great working partnership.