Dunn Brothers Develop Efficient Methods of Minimising, Loading and Transporting Materials

Where ever your business is located and however you operate, we have the resources and experience to maximise the efficiency with which you buy, sell, manage and transport your materials. 

From scrap metal to recycling, from agriculture to demolition, we have the equipment you need to get the job done, choose the right machinery to suit you or get in touch with one of our engineers for advice.

Our Product Range

Take a look at our market leading range of Container Loading Systems:


The Scorpion Fully Mobile Tilter

Fast, efficient, safe and very cost-effective system for off-loading containers, inverting by 90 degrees to vertical position for loading then returning the container to the delivery vehicle in 15mins.


The Locust Yard Mobile Tilter   

This Mobile Yard Tilter is ideal for moving close to e.g. piles of scrap in your yard saving you time having to move the scrap to the loader.


The Grass Hopper Standard Yard Tilter

The Standard Yard Tilter offers a fast, safe and efficient solution to container loading and off-loading.


The Serpent Horizontal Loader

This fixed, robust unit loads 20ft or 40ft containers and is ideal for scrap metal/cables and heavy loading.


The Cobra Horizontal Loader

Ideal for producers of exportable, heavy and/or large materials.