This fixed, robust unit loads 20ft or 40ft containers horizontally and is ideal for scrap metal/cables and heavy loading.

This very robust loading unit works by transferring its pre-loaded sleeve of material into a 20ft or 40ft container utilising hydraulic rams working in tandem to slide material in and at the same time extract its sleeve. Full cycle of transfer takes approx. 20 minutes.

Watch the Serpent in action


20 40 foot injector

Key Features

Just a few of this loaders excellent features 

Ready for loading the horizontal loader

Damage Free Horizontal Loading

Transfer awkward and heavy material smoothly without damage to the container.

Quick transfer hydraulic system horizontal loader

Quick Transfer Hydraulic System

A smooth transitional method that loads heavy/large materials in minutes. 

Long sleeve full insertion horizontal loader

Loading Sleeve Full Insertion.

Filled and weighed charging sleeve can fill a 20ft or 40ft unit so full capacity can be achieved.

Sleeve extraction transfer horizontal loader

Easy Retractable Sleeve

After full transfer of materials into the container the sleeve is fully retracted. 

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