Fast, efficient, safe and very cost-effective system for off-loading containers, inverting to a vertical position for loading then returning the container to the transportation vehicle within 15mins. The Dunn Bros Scorpion Mobile tilter is robust and well-engineered. A new concept to meet todays markets in the container industry.

DBM also offers a loading service with this unit as well as rental or purchase.  This unit can arrive on site, unload itself and be ready for loading operations within 1 hour. A full day loading of scrap metal with availability is approximately 15 containers or 400 mt if loaded to maximum capacity.


Watch the Scorpion in action

Delivered, set up and loaded within minutes, finished and ready in 1 hour to be moved on to the next site.


Key Features

Just a few of this loaders excellent features 

Scorpion tilter in transit

Scorpion Tilter in Transit

When no longer needed unit can be removed from site within 1 hour. 

Minimal yard space used

Minimal Yard Space Required

Area required to set up is 13m x 6m on reasonable hardstanding.

four Hydraulic legs

Set Up For You, Ready to Work

4 Hydraulic legs for: 
- Loading itself onto transport
- Unloading itself off transport
- Lifting container on/off logistic transport
- Accurately weighing material in container


Simple Lifting

Simple, Secure Lifting

On each corner of the container there is a simple, secure lifting device.

Be ready when markets are strong

Maximise your profits by hiring our container tilter when markets are high. Give it back when you’re done.

Agile container handling without the cost